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Today, let’s talk about Your First Meeting With An Attorney.

You’ve been injured, and you’ve been offered a claim by an insurance company. You been advised to speak with an attorney. Maybe that’s why you’re here. What will that first meeting cover? Generally, there are two areas of discussion that need to be addressed. The strength of your case, and then compensation, or money and damages.

What is the strength of your case? Some of the areas we will discuss might include previous, similar cases. What were jury verdicts and settlement outcomes in these cases? How will they affect your case?

Also, should we go to trial? In reviewing your case, what’s best for you? A negotiated settlement or a trial? We will review some of the practical difficulties in trying the case; which will include an examination of the strengths and weaknesses in your evidence; and the insurance company’s evidence.

Next, we will discuss Money. What is the value of your case in a range of dollar amounts and what you could receive in damages should you go trial? And of course that includes what is the minimum amount you would accept to end the case and avoid trial. And of course always, what are the insurance coverage limits of the person who hurt you. If you have been injured, your next decision is crucial.

Harold Ehrenberg has successfully negotiated and tried personal injury cases for years. But right now, there is only one case. Yours. Let Harold Ehrenberg help you get the just compensation you deserve. Call today and set up a free consultation.

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