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Knowledgeable New Orleans’ Slip and Fall Attorney

Skilled help with personal injury in southeastern Louisiana

While a slip, trip or fall may sound like a minor accident, these incidents can have devastating consequences. With a background as an experienced slip and fall lawyer in Metairie and as a medical caregiver, Harold Ehrenberg is uniquely qualified to pursue compensation for your personal and financial losses.

Understanding injury from slip and fall

Slip and fall accidents are far too common — and dangerous. According to the National Safety Council, more than 21,000 people in the U.S. died and another 7.9 million people were injured as a result of falls in 2007 alone. Injury from a slip and fall can be as minor as a bruise or a sprain, or as severe as a spinal cord or traumatic brain injury.

Many falls result from inadequately maintained property and issues such as:

  • Obstacles: From uncleared snow to equipment left on a walking path, objects left lying around cause falls. In the home, errant cords trip people, and an improperly cleared workplace does the same in public.
  • Maintenance issues: Metairie slip and fall attorneys are aware of dangers like ragged carpet or linoleum, broken steps, or time-worn and uneven pavement. A juice spill in a grocery store can cause serious injury if not quickly and appropriately cleaned up.
  • Lighting: Faulty or missing lighting causes falls in private and public locations. If you cannot see where you are going in a parking lot, an apartment building or a shopping mall, injury is likely to occur.
  • As a chiropractor with three decades of experience, Harold Ehrenberg understands the kinds of physical damage caused by the impact of a slip and fall injury. Using his unique perspective to frame the medical seriousness of your injury, Harold Ehrenberg delivers aggressive advocacy on your behalf.

What we can do for you

Our slip and fall law firm in Metairie is ready to help when you are injured. We immediately investigate your injury, gather medical evidence and documentation, and set the insurance claim mechanism in motion to obtain money needed to pay medical bills and assist your recovery. As a medical and legal practitioner, Harold Ehrenberg quickly and capably moves your injury claim through insurance and legal processes.

High-quality New Orleans’ legal representation after you suffer slip and fall

With years of experience in legal and chiropractic practice in Louisiana, Harold Ehrenberg is a slip and fall attorney in Metairie offering compassion and excellence to injured clients throughout southeastern Louisiana. To schedule a free consultation about your injury, contact us today.

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