Accepting a check from the insurance company right after the crash. Insurance companies know that many people don’t feel the full extent of their personal injury until several days after the crash.  They know that if they can get you to accept a quick, low-ball check right away, when you’re vulnerable, before you really get a handle on all of your personal injuries and retain a lawyer, they’re going to save themselves a ton of money. 

Giving a recorded statement to the other person’s insurance company.  Insurance companies can be sneaky.  They like to imply that giving a recorded statement is routine or even required before they’ll work with you on your claim.  You don’t have to and I would recommend that you, Just Say No!  Anything you say may be used against you down the road.   Before you talk to an insurance company about your personal injuries, talk to a personal injury lawyer.

Sharing your story on social media.  Everybody likes to share their story with friends and family.  But did you know that everything you post about your life may be subject to discovery by the insurance company?  And they’re likely not going to use your constant updates to pay you more!  My best advice, stay off all social media while you have an active claim.

Choosing the wrong personal injury lawyer.  It seems like everyone has a lawyer in the family or knows a lawyer or knows someone who knows a lawyer.  Well that’s fine as long as the lawyer is experienced in personal injury.  There’s a lot to this stuff and the attorney you hire can either make or break your case.  You wouldn’t hire a plumber to rewire your house.  Make sureyou hire an experienced lawyer that knows personal injury.

Choosing the wrong health care provider.  Just like you need a lawyer that is experienced in personal injury, your treating doctor should be experienced in personal injury.  Insurance companies can’t see your pain or feel your pain.  They can only read about it.  So you need physicians than are well-versed in thorough injury examinations and can communicate their findings.  I can’t stress this enough.  Seeing the appropriate health care providers may be just as important as hiring an experienced lawyer. 

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The above is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to create an attorney client relationship.  You are strongly urged to consult an attorney for specific legal advice for any questions or concerns you may have. 

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