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Harold Ehrenberg has won millions by combining his personal injury expertise and 30 years of experience as a chiropractor to maximize your compensation!

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Metairie Back Injury Attorney

Few things are as painful and as frustrating as a back injury. Simple movements that you once took for granted can cause pain to shoot through your body without warning. Lifting objects or doing any kind of physical activity may be completely out of the question. A herniated disk may prevent muscles from being able to move properly and keep you from being able to perform your job functions. Depending on the severity of your injury, it may take months to heal and require expensive surgery. If you are unable to work while you are recovering, you have the additional stress of trying to pay bills and care for your family.

If you suffered a herniated disk after an accident, the lawyer you select to take your case can make a major difference. At the law office of Harold Ehrenberg, we fight for people who are dealing with life-altering injuries. In every case, we develop powerful strategies in order to put our clients in the best possible position to achieve success. While located in Metairie, we represent clients throughout Louisiana and the New Orleans area.

Many different kinds of accidents can lead to herniated disks or other severe back injuries. These accidents include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip-and-falls
  • Work accidents

We Build Strong Cases For Our Back Injury Clients

Harold Ehrenberg is not just a lawyer, but a back injury expert from his 30 years as a chiropractor. His experience, both as a lawyer and a chiropractor, is very helpful in many ways. While he will not treat your injuries, he works with a network of professionals to ensure you get the treatment you need. In addition, he understands how to interpret and understand medical evidence, which is important in building your case. His experience, combined with our firm’s commitment to giving our clients the care and attention they deserve, has helped our clients overcome many obstacles on their way to successful outcomes.