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You will need expert representation after your personal injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an impact or insult to the brain that changes how the brain works. Determining the damage from a TBI requires time and expert medical opinion. After decades of seeing the devastating effects of brain damage, Harold Ehrenberg is a TBI attorney in Metairie who pursues your injury claim with the tenacious dedication of a professional who fully realizes what you face.

Moving forward with brain damage

Injuries to the brain causes serious physical, emotional, and even personality damage. After suffering from a personal injury through the negligence of someone else, it is essential to retain an experienced traumatic brain injury attorney. Also essential is a referral to high-quality medical and rehabilitative services. Acute medical care is quickly followed by forms of rehabilitative therapy to help you regain some stability, comfort, and control of your life.

Rehabilitation from brain trauma involves identifying areas where function can be restored. Areas affected by TBI may include:

  • Executive functions are often damaged by brain trauma. Termed executive because they act to orient an individual between past and present, and allow strategizing and organizing, these processes are key to independent living and self-care.
  • Cognitive abilities may diminish temporarily or permanently after TBI. Cognitive processes impact judgment, social interaction, and the ability to learn and remember.
  • Language capabilities — including the ability to form words and sentences, or understand word meaning and interplay — may be affected by brain injury.

How we help you after disabling injury

Among traumatic brain injury attorneys in Metairie, Harold Ehrenberg is a skilled legal advocate and a practicing chiropractor. Our firm offers highly qualified legal representation and superb client service to help you in the following ways:

  • Full accident investigation to uncover evidence of the negligence that caused your accident
  • Expert life-planning resources to evaluate needed lifetime compensation
  • Strong, experienced legal counsel to prove negligence and obtain the best possible compensation for your injury

Skilled TBI law firm in Metairie

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