How do I choose a lawyer? That’s a good question. But first, thanks for visiting us at

To find out whether Harold Ehrenberg is right for you, the best way is sit down with us to discuss your claim and possible ways of handling it. Make copies of all your documents and bring them with you. There’s the police report, the medical records and bills, any income you may have lost due to your injury, and any and all correspondence with the insurance companies. This is important; If a lawyer wants to charge you just for discussing whether or not to take your case, that’s a bad sign.

Harold Ehrenberg will never charge for for an initial consultation.

Here are a few of the things you should know:

How long has the lawyer been in practice?

Harold Ehrenberg, after 30 years as a chiropractor helping those injured by another’s negligence, is in his

14th year as an attorney defending the rights of injured parties.

Roughly what percentage of the lawyer’s practice involves personal injury cases?

At, personal injury is all we do. Our experience is unparalleled in not only representing clients, but getting them just compensation for their injuries.

Does the lawyer most often represent plaintiffs or defendants?

Harold has always represented plaintiffs, the injured parties, and with his long medical background has a strong empathy for the real value of their pain and suffering.

Would the lawyer personally handle your case or pass it along to another— perhaps less experienced — lawyer in the office?

When you hire Harold Ehrenberg,you get Harold Ehrenberg. When you call to speak with Harold,when you have a question, you get Harold, if you go to court or a settlement, rest assured Harold will be right by your side defending your interests.

What’s your case worth?

Harold Ehrenberg and his team will evaluate,with your input, the worth of your claim and help you obtain a settlement that is both just and swift.