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Whiplash, also known as cervical sprain/strain, is an injury that commonly occurs during an automobile accident. As a practicing chiropractor, Metairie neck injury attorney Harold Ehrenberg thoroughly understands neck injuries and uses his chiropractic experience to help you obtain fair compensation for your injury.

Why your neck hurts

Cervical strain, or whiplash, is a soft-tissue injury that often results from a car accident. Although it takes only an instant to occur, this debilitating injury can take three months or longer to heal. Basic facts about cervical strain include the following:

As muscles and tendons are overextended or torn, inflammation and hemorrhage occur. Soft tissue, spinal nerves and disks are injured.

Adjustment of headrests affects neck injury in some cases. Properly adjusted headrests support the neck as it moves backward, preventing more serious injury.

Cervical strain symptoms include head, neck, facial and shoulder pain, dizziness, jaw pain, and tinnitus. Nerve damage causes tingling, and in serious cases may cause numbness or paralysis.

Females in particular seem to suffer more from chronic pain, which is a complicated physiologic response to the torsion and injury of a cervical strain.

Cervical strain is best treated early. Chiropractic care, physical therapy, application of ice and heat, use of a soft, supporting neck collar, and other treatments assist recovery. Injury victims should always consult with a licensed healthcare provider at the time of injury.

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Although common, cervical strain is still not well understood. The severity of clinical injury may not match symptoms and discomfort expressed by sufferers. If suffering cervical strain after a minor car accident that caused little property damage, you might find it difficult to explain or prove the effect of this injury on your life.

Among Metairie neck injury attorneys, Harold Ehrenberg offers unique perspective and assistance to clients suffering soft tissue and other musculoskeletal injury. With a dual background as both a lawyer and a chiropractor, Harold Ehrenberg combines scientific and legal understanding to aggressively advance your injury claim. When you have been injured, we offer compassionate support and skilled legal service.

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