We Know a Personal Injury can be Devastating.

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Automobile Accident Personal Injury Questions

What should I do if I am in a car accident?

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles notes that one in eight drivers is likely to be involved in an accident during any year. If you are in an accident, you should stop, render aid, call the police, and obtain witness information — but do not discuss fault. Contact your insurance agent as soon as possible.

How do I know when to contact a lawyer?

If you suffer only property damage, you probably do not need an attorney unless you are unsatisfied with your settlement or are experiencing unreasonable delays with your insurance company. If injured, though, you should contact a personal injury attorney as quickly after your accident as possible. Evidence fades rapidly and early representation assists development of an insurance or legal claim.

What if my insurance company stalls?

Speak with an attorney if you experience undue delay by your agent. You can also file a complaint with the Louisiana Department of Insurance.

Commercial Truck Injury Questions

Are truck accidents handled differently than car accidents?

Although the process for recovery of injury compensation in a truck accident is about the same as in a car accident, truck accidents require meticulous investigation. The scale of a collision between a big rig and a passenger car can raise the stakes considerably.

Why are truck accidents more complicated?

Truck accidents often involve multiple parties — including motorists, truck drivers, trucking companies, loading companies, truck owners, and even manufacturers of truck parts. There may be multiple causes for the accident, too, making careful investigation crucial.

How long after I am injured can I wait before contacting an attorney?

Do not wait to contact legal counsel if you are injured in a truck accident. Trucking companies usually dispatch an investigative team immediately upon notice of an accident. A good personal injury attorney in Metairie launches an investigation into your accident as soon as you retain his or her services.