Thanks for visiting Today, let’s talk about The Importance Of Time In Getting Compensated For an Accident.

Time is a very important component to your case. For two reasons: One, there are legal issues that need to be addressed and secondly, getting compensation for injuries that may need treatment for months, years, or in some cases, the rest of your life.

When did the accident occur?

The statute of limitations on car accident cases is usually one or two years. That means that if you don’t sue within a year of the accident, then you could lose your right to sue forever. That’s why it’s important to have an attorney advise you as soon as possible.You should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible so you can get the case filed.

A year sounds like a long time, but practically speaking, the statute of limitations deadline is much shorter. Gathering facts and building a theory of the case and why you should receive a certain amount of damages can take a long time. Putting a winning case together before the statute of limitation runs out means we’ll likely need to work on these things for months before we actually file the lawsuit.

As far as injuries, many times the other party’s insurance company will offer you a settlement in a matter of days; one that seems fair and quite lucrative. But is it? What if that slight neck pain is actually damaged nerves that could progress into a condition requiring surgery and rehab for years? Hopefully, it won’t. But you need to know before you accept any settlement. So don’t be caught off guard. If you’ve been injured and are considering a lawsuit, call Harold Ehrenberg today for a free evaluation while time is still on your side.